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No refugees please, we’re Chinese

What a bunch of haters!

The Chinese public generally holds that currently China cannot accept a large number of refugees, although many are sympathetic toward these victims. The reasons are complex, rather than being seen as lack of internationalism and humanitarianism. It is related to China’s economic development, population, ethnic composition, legal mechanism and history.

The priority for China is still development. An excessive influx of refugees will have a huge impact on social order. If terrorists infiltrate China among the refugees, the safety of 1.4 billion people will be under threat, a fear that can be proved by the current European refugee crisis. Accepting too many refugees may deprive China of a stable environment for development.

Doesn’t the Chinese government know that its obligations to hordes of displaced and migrant foreigners outweigh its obligations to the citizenry it nominally serves, and that anyway the risks of letting in large numbers of alien Muslims to a non-Muslim society are negligible?

The refugee issue must be addressed at the origin. Refugees are not immigrants, rather they are victims of wars and turmoil. It is not China but the West which has caused the refugee crisis that currently plagues Europe. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, launched by the US after the 9/11 attacks, have battered the two countries and displaced large numbers of residents. The Arab Spring, the violent social movement promoted by the West, has devastated the North African area, leading to serious refugee problems.

Hmm………. it’s almost as if they’re on to something there.

The true way out to solve the refugee problem is to achieve stability and development in refugees’ own countries and help them return to their own homes.

Hmmmmm…………… so offering the safety valve of mass refugee resettlement to the screwed-up countries of the world is not necessarily the best way to tackle said countries’ problems over the long term? Do the Chinese really believe that? So hateful.