My story at The Casper Review

Very pleased to announce that my short story, “The Mall of Babel,” has now been published by the brilliant and quirky e-zine, The Casper Review:

Dirk studied the corpse on the floor of the mall, oblivious to the muzak that wafted through the light-filled atrium. The body had hit the polished marble head-first after plunging from a great height. Flanked by humming security drones, Dirk knelt and inspected the body, which had belonged to a 35-year-old cartoonist. Now the man’s skull was cracked and his brains were fanned out on the floor, splattered like spaghetti.

The young detective disagreed with the forensic drone: This was not a normal suicide. There were euthanasia booths for that, vast gleaming rows of them easily accessible within every wing of every sector of the mall. Dirk had never seen a man take his own life like this. Whether private or live-streamed, suicide was always a quiet, predictable act, similar to buying a new pair of socks. This on the other hand was performance art, offered to a crowd of unsuspecting shoppers on a busy Sunday afternoon.

If rebellious cartoonists, exploding mall cops and dystopian visions of consumerism sprinkled with a bit of the old ultra-violence are your thing, you should, of course, read the whole story here.

From the website’s About page:

the casper review is an arts and culture platform for underserved communities: a non-ideological venue for ideologically excluded artists, or anyone seeking an authentic alternative.

the world is changing. let’s create parallel institutions.

Quite. Is this not an exhilarating time to be alive?

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